What is the Prescription Savings Program?

Doing our part to help you fight rising prescription costs.

Prescription drugs are the number one utilized health insurance benefit by plan members, outpacing doctor visits. So it makes sense that people feel the price of prescription drugs are the reason why healthcare costs are out of control.

About a quarter of Americans surveyed say they've had trouble paying for their prescription drugs. As a result of this many people have skipped or rationed their prescription medications. One of the most recent larger-scale studies found that 42% of Americans struggle to pay for medications, even though the majority (94%) had some kind of health coverage. That same study found that around one-third of patients had purposely missed filling a prescription due to cost at least once in the last year—of that group, 5.6% said they had skipped prescriptions three or more times.

The result? Patients ending up in emergency rooms and incurring hospital stays when they can't afford their medications.

As a Healthy Life Rx Community Pharmacy and our participation in the Prescription Cost Savings program we're able to offer a number of advantages to our customers.

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What Are the Benefits?

Once in our program you get:

1. Prescription Cost Review. We sit down with you and review your medications to see where we may have opportunities to help:

  • Is there a lower cost generic medication available?
  • Is our discount price less than your current copay?
  • Are savings available by getting a greater days supply (longer than 30 or 90 days)?
  • Can you save by getting a higher strength and splitting tablets?
  • We'll review your medications for drug interactions and possible over-medication
  • We'll report the findings to your doctor (if necessary)

2. Prescription Drug Savings Card. You'll receive your FREE savings card.

3. Generic drug prescriptions for as low as $6 for a 30-day supply and $12 for a 90-day supply. Click here for a list of generic medications available for cardholders at a discount. This list is always growing.

4. FREE Anitibiotics. Antibiotic prescriptions will be filled at no charge and with no copay. Click here for a list of free antibiotics for cardholders.

5. A Friendly Face Always Looking Out For You. Our staff can sync up your medications to all be refilled on the same day and be here for you at any time.

See our medication list in store for an updated list of discounted medications and antibiotics available.

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How do I Enroll in the Program?

Come in and give us 15 minutes

1. Bring a list of your current medications, costs your currently paying and the doctor(s) who prescribe them.. We'll sit down with you and review the list to see where their may be cash savings.

2. Get your Prescription Savings Card, and possibly a better feeling about your healthcare costs.

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Who is it for?

Patients with no prescription insurance coverage or high copays

If you have no insurance we can help!

We stock the most frequently prescribed generic medications and offer them at great cash prices. If we don't have what you need we can work to get it in the next day.

Even if you have insurance we can look into saving you money and the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies.

Purchasing your prescriptions without using prescription insurance means:

• Cash price for medication may be lower than your copay.

• No insurance means no prior authorization needed. It's the insurance company that requires a prior authorization, not the doctor or pharmacy.

• Freedom from the supply restrictions your insurance company places on your prescriptions. When you don't use prescription insurance you can fill for longer than 30 or 90 days.

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Who is it NOT for?

Patients with government sponsored prescription insurance

Patients with Medicare Part D and Medicaid are not eligible for participation.

Some restrictions apply. A valid prescription from your doctor is required.

Free antibiotic program. Free delivery is NOT available on the free antibiotic program. Maximum ten (10) day supply at normal dosage. Program may change at any time.